November 15, 2018

Cannvas Announces CHAT: Cannvas Health Advocacy Team

CHAT Modules on Cannvas.Me Platform Will Highlight Unfamiliar Illnesses

TORONTO, Nov. 15, 2018 /CNW/ – Cannvas MedTech Inc. (“Cannvas” or the “Company”) (CSE: MTEC) (Frankfurt: 3CM), a leader in digital cannabis education and a leading business technology company in the cannabis space, is pleased to announce the inception of its Cannvas Health Advocacy Team (CHAT) to delve deeper into health conditions and provide clarity on lesser-known medical ailments affecting large swaths of the population. Each CHAT module will focus on a particular illness, with a breakdown of its history, symptoms and potential treatments alongside patient and caregiver stories, doctor discussion guides and additional resources.

The first CHAT project, in partnership with Pancreatic Cancer Canada to mark National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month in November, is online at Cannvas.Me/PancreaticCancer with more to be announced shortly.

“The Cannvas Health Advocacy Team plays a crucial role on the Cannvas.Me platform, delivering a richer understanding of complicated ailments in simple terms anyone can understand, highlighting critical illnesses and conditions alongside potential alternative treatments and real-life patient and caregiver stories,” said Steve Loutskou, Chief Operating Officer, Global Markets at Cannvas MedTech. “It made sense to debut our first CHAT module to coincide with National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month to shed more light on a terrible disease with low survival rates and little public awareness that has personally affected the loved ones of several of our Cannvas employees, and we hope to continue educating our community about serious medical issues that could affect them or their loved ones.”

Made up of members of the Cannvas.Me Medical Advisory Board and Educational Advisory Panel, the Cannvas Health Advocacy Team aligns original educational Cannvas.Me content with expert medical advice from strategic partners in the healthcare, education, public safety and health advocacy sectors. With support from certified medical practitioners and sanctioned non-profit organizations, CHAT aims to break down an illness by laying out its history, cultural impact, symptoms and treatments in simple and accessible terms; provide supporting resources such as discussion guides for families and doctors; and share information on the potential benefits of cannabis as an alternative or supporting treatment where appropriate.

“Our goal with the Cannvas Health Advocacy Team is to give a voice to all those patients and caregivers navigating the challenges of unexpected and unfamiliar illnesses with little support, and provide them with another community from which to learn about their options and hear from others who have gone through similar experiences,” said Shawn Moniz, Chief Executive Officer at Cannvas MedTech. “By tapping into our internal team of health practitioners and certified educators, coupled with the resources provided by our partner organizations, CHAT provides free and unbiased educational content around medical conditions needing more clarity among everyday Canadians.”

By gathering and sharing user-submitted patient and caregiver stories pertaining to the illness profiled, the Cannvas Health Advocacy Team hopes to engage the Cannvas community to share their experiences, support systems and alternative or supporting therapies including but not limited to the use of cannabis. Working with healthcare practitioners and educators holding specializations in their fields strengthens the unbiased information available in CHAT modules to Cannvas.Me users and sheds more light on a litany of diseases with low public awareness.

Cannvas will also look to continue to form strategic partnerships with regional and national health-focused non-profit advocacy groups to strengthen its pool of resources for CHAT and the Cannvas.Me platform.

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